University of Porto


The University of Porto was founded in 1911 and its roots date back to 1762. It has 3 campuses, 14 Faculties. It is a public university with over 31,500 students and around 3400 students are from 91 nationalities. The university has over 1900 teaching & research (FTE) (76% PhD). Its Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) has over 7.300 students, 540 teaching and research staff (86% Ph.D.), is under Bologna process since 2006. It has nine Departments: Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Industrial and Management, Informatics, Mechanical, Metallurgy and Materials, Mining and Physics Engineering. FEUP has been active in the Erasmus mobility program (1988-) and also in Mobile (2003-), with around 8% of foreign students, within 1st and 2nd cycle degrees and PhD programs. FEUP Team integrates 1 external researcher at FEUP, from Univ. of Coimbra, and 3 from its Mechanical Depart., all members from the System Integration and Process Automation Research Unit ( at IDMEC-Polo FEUP.


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