27.05.2016. The 2nd meeting with external QCM expert


The 2nd meeting of representatives from Serbian partner institutions with external QCM expert Prof. Djordje Jovanovic was held at Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac on 27th of May 2016.


After introduction speech of project coordinator, external QCM expert highlighted his very positive impressions on a variety of activities and significant results of the project. The project coordinator presented in shortly the document "Nerela Deliverables-Report to External QCM expert" that she prepared and delivered to all meeting participants several days before the meeting. After that, WP leaders, contact persons and other present participants highlighted in oral presentations more details about project activities and results achieved so far. All present participants and external QCM expert too, pointed out importance of just received news from Institute for the Advancement of Education within the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Serbia (ZUOV) about accreditation of the program “Training teachers of secondary vocational schools in the field of electrical engineering, computer science and Mechatronics to use remote experiments”. This program, which was submitted to ZUOV by NeReLa team earlier, will ensure in a large extent the sustainability and exploitation of the project results.


Based on discussions at this meeting and the monitoring of the project website, external QCM expert Prof. Djordje Jovanovic will prepare his second report on external project quality control and monitoring.


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