Participation at Tempus project representatives’ meeting


Prof. Radojka Krneta as project coordinator and Prof. Andreja Rojko as representative of EU partner institutions have participated at Tempus project representatives’ meeting on February, 10-11th, 2014 in Brussels, organized by EACEA. During the meeting they have attended two plenary session and two workshops devoted to managing of Tempus projects, contractual and financial issues as well as to reporting activities. Also, representatives of NeReLa project have had many useful meetings and discussions with other participants with whom they have exchanged views and experiences concerning managing and starting activities of ongoing Tempus projects.


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  Project coordinator:
  Prof. Radojka Krneta

  University of Kragujevac
  Faculty of Technical
  Sciences Čačak

  Svetog Save 65
  32000 Čačak

  Phone: (+381)64 668 6591
  (+381)32 302 762

  Fax: (+381)32 342 101