University of Deusto Bilbao


The UD is a 125 years old, non-profit university with 15% international students. 12 research institutes are spread in six main Faculty units. UD is one of 18 accredited to become an International Campus of Excellence in 2015 out of 51 applied. Interdisciplinary in nature, the present proposal is housed in DeustoTech. It is involved in national and international projects on e-learning, VET and one of the research focus is technology-enhanced learning with : E-Learning and Practical Training of Mechatronics and Alternative Technologies in Industrial Community; Strategy of Implementation of eLearning in Universities of Basque Country; Hybrid collaborative and semantic reasoning for the orchestration of services; Reusable learning objects; WLpro: Professional equipment for remote experiments.

The remote lab - WebLab-Deusto is integrated in the current teaching, training, learning process using ECTS - lab sessions are aligned with competences and learning outcomes.


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